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    Our Engagement Story!


    Hey there! :) It’s been way too long, and in the 3 years I’ve been blogging, this is the longest I’ve gone without a post. Today, I found myself thinking, I really miss blogging. The story behind all that is for another time, but in case you missed the announcement on Instagram… we’re ENGAGED! And here’s our engagement story…

    L to R: Before a concert during summer 2012; New Year's Even 2012; enjoying a trip to San Francisco in 2013.

    L to R: Before a concert during summer 2012; New Year’s Even 2012; enjoying a trip to San Francisco in 2013.

    Ryan and I have been together for almost four and a half years (anyone remember our two year anniversary post waaaaay back when?). One thing not very many people know is that Ryan and I talked about getting married after only two months of dating. I always thought it was a cliche when people say “I just knew,” but looking back on that moment, I see the truth in it. We spent a majority of our relationship in two very different places – I was in school, he was working. At times, it was hard – but I think in the end, it’s what taught us the most. We’ve gone through a lot of change during our relationship (both exciting, saddening, unexpected, and totally planned!), but being engaged is by far my favorite change.

    The evening of July 31, 2016, we were wrapping up the first full-day of a trip to Hilton Head. I was already so excited to be in South Carolina, I didn’t think it could get any better. That night we ate at a restaurant in Harbour Town, a really cute little area filled with waterfront restaurants, bars, and tourist-y stores – it’s a spot we always go to at least once when in Hilton Head, so I wasn’t suspicious at all! After dinner, we walked down to the pier. Ryan asked if I wanted to take a walk down by the water, which I agreed – it was a cloudy night, but beautiful.

    This is where it gets kind of funny. As we are walking, this is our exchange:

    “Do you want to go kayaking?”

    “Not really…” (I was kind of sassy. How random?! lol!).

    “Well, do you want to marry me?”


    So, we went from kayaking to marriage in a split second. It caught me completely off guard and I immediately started crying. After everything settled down, he explained how nervous he was and he didn’t know how to start. Once he asked about the kayaks, it just “came to him.” Weird but cute, right?

    We celebrated that night by the water with champagne, surrounded by my future family (who were all mostly in on it! Only one person was surprised). It was the most memorable day of my life so far – my heart is so full, and I am so blessed to be able to celebrate these life events here on this little corner of the Internet. Love you ALL!

    More wedding posts to come…. :)

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