Gone Shopping..


Today’s blog post is all about shopping! I’ve highlighted quite a few Macy’s products over the past few weeks, but today is focusing completely on the Macy’s app, a great way to shop when you’re without a laptop. It’s also a great sidekick for when you’re shopping in-store!

Here’s a little preview of the interface. It is very user-friendly!
As you can see, the app is designed to make shopping extremely easy! Macy’s has a ton of great spring items out right now, and I definitely plan on making a trip to mine next pay day :) I think it’s great that you can scan an item and see availability in other sizes, colors and stores! Takes away having to stand in line at a checkout for that information.

What are your favorite spring trends right now? 

Be sure to check out the Macy’s Campus Tour website and tag any finds with #MacysCampusTour!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for another fun outfit. Hope you’re all having a great week!

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