Finals Week Gear!

Finals week is only a couple weeks away, and it is easily the most stressful week of the school year. Fashion is usually the last thing on my priority list on top of review guides, exam dates, coffee breaks, juggling work shifts and everything else on my mind! But with so many cute options this spring, it’s easy to wear simple and comfortable pieces for long days of studying! Here are some of my favorites…

Try a long maxi dress, like this one. What is more comfortable and light than a maxi dress?!

Try this bold, sporty tank with a fun print! Pair it with yogas, shorts, or anything else to keep comfortable and stylish all day long.

Okay, I HAD to include this.. perfect for finals week, right? The loose, boxy fit of this tank is definitely perfect for lots of studying and coffee runs!

If you love bold prints and comfort, try a jumpsuit! The pants have cut outs for the warmer weather and I would love to run around in this all day! :)

For more trendy and comfortable clothes, check out Macy’s Campus Tour, and be sure to tag any Macy’s finds with #MacysCampusTour :)

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