5-Minute Coffee Break: Common Complaints

My freshman year of college, I took a creative writing course. Although I am about to be entering my senior year, which is absolutely crazy to me, I really believe my freshman year is when I developed who I am and realized who I want to be. I did a lot of self-reflection and was exposed to a new world.  I experienced new things, met new people, and learned about things beyond the brick walls of my high school. I wrote a piece for my creative writing class that is still one of my favorites. I wanted to share that with you today. Hope you enjoy it. 

The Most Common Complaints: 

It’s saying, “I have nothing to wear,” and remembering there are people with no coat when it snows, or shoes when it’s cold. 

It’s complaining about having to go to work, then thinking about someone who lost their job that day. 

It’s having the inconvenience of stopping for gas when you’re busy, and passing someone who walks everywhere, every day. 

It’s not being able to wake up for school in the morning, then turning on the news and seeing the faces of children who never had the opportunity to be educated. 

It’s complaining about the way you look, or a pimple on your face, and then meeting someone who lost their legs in war. 

It’s the everyday complaints we have that hold our blessings in disguise, the gems of life and things we commonly overlook. So be thankful for your t-shirt, your old pair of shoes; the pile of work on your desk, and the need to monitor gas prices; be thankful for your 7:45 class, and the ability to use your hands to get ready each day. The little things are the gifts in life, commonly overlooked. 

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  • Reply Sarah Enuwa Audu May 28, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    Love this post Lyss, we need to be more thankful. Do you mind if I share this.


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