Today’s five-minute coffee break is all about little things you can do to make the world (and really, just someone’s day!) better. You know when someone says or does something rude to you, and it’s super easy to let it ruin your day.. and then you end up giving off negative vibes after that? Whenever that happens to me, I try to turn it around and break the cycle. Here are some of the things I try to do/would like to do to make the world a happier place.
1. Say “good morning,” and smile while doing it!
You may be someone’s sunshine on a gloomy morning just with a simple “good morning” and friendly smile.
2. Surprise someone with coffee.
Or flowers, or food, or whatever will make them the happiest. My favorite? Tweet-a-coffee.
3. Write a “thinking of you” card.
Make one, buy one, print one.. they’re all over the place. Think of how you would feel if you received a “thinking of you” card from someone you really cared about!
4. Search “having a bad day” on Twitter and tweet people compliments.
Maybe borderline creepy, but sweet nonetheless. I say go for it :)
5. Learn as much as you can.
The past couple years have taught me that learning is the most important thing you can do. Learn about people, cultures, world issues.. the more you know, the more you can understand.. and the more tolerant you can be of the people around you.
Make it a great day, sunshines <3

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